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Hardware controller for all ECW-FIT devices

Engenius Networks FITcon/HR FITcon/HR
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Hardware controller for all ECW-FIT devices
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EnGenius FitController is a simple, secure and easy—to-use Wi-Fi solution for your small business. Our intuitive system simplifies the management of your network. In addition, our advanced security features help ensure the security of your data and communication with your customers. For IT managers or small business administrators who need to manage access points and switches quickly and easily, the intuitive FitController interface and simple Plug-and-Play integration reliably ensure efficient device management, and cloud availability allows remote management of multiple networks from a single portal. without the need for a dedicated server. Administrators can easily view detailed analytics from a single dashboard, as well as instantly monitor and troubleshoot issues.
Just connect the PoE Ethernet switch. No additional download or training is required.
Fast deployment with fast device registration and configuration.
Network management for up to 100 access points and EnGenius Fit switches
A hierarchical view for quick structuring of customer sites and networking.
A view of the network status for network analysis and reporting potential problems. The login rights of multi-tenant users.
Two-factor device authentication, which ensures that only authorized devices are available on the network.
Support for up to 50 networks.
Built-in powerful Qualcomm Qual-Core processor.
Micro SD slot for additional backup
The input power supply is 802.3af or DC12/1A

Technical Specifications

Processor Qualcomm® Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 @ 1.8GHz CPU
CPU Architecture 32-bit
Hardware Encryption Acceleration No
PoE support Yes


System Memory 2GB DDR4

Interface and LEDs

RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet 2 (1 x PoE 802.3 af)
MicroSD card reader 1
DC-Input 1
Reset Button 1
Power LED 1


Management Manage up to 100 EnGenius Devices
Reserving Suration of Managerial Data Maximum 7 days for 100pcs of Access Points and switches
Dashboard Managed Access Points / Switches System Resource Usage: 1. CPU: Usage (%) of CPU for FitController; 2. Memory: Usage (%) of Memory for FitController; 3. Disk: Usage (%) of Disk for FitController. System Overview; Recent Projects
Global Settings Account Management (Multi-Tenant): 1. Master; 2. Users; 3. Guests. E-Mail Alert. Backup/Restore: Option 1: Backup configure files to FitController; Option 2: Backup config files to Micro SD card. Reboot/Reset FitController. Auto Transmit Power. Auto Channel. Diagnostic. Software Update.
Device Inventory Register EnGenius Fit devices (AP or Switches)
Project 1. Device Management - Summary. 2. Device Configuration: SSID Setting; Hidden SSID in Beacons; VLAN Per SSID; Fast Roaming (802.11k); Band Steering; NAS IP; NAS ID; NAS Port; L2 Isolation; Whited List/Blocked List per SSID; Traffic Shaping. 3. AP Groups. 4. Schedule: Schedule Settings; Reboot; Scheduler for SSID. 5. Monitoring: Rogue AP Detection; Active Client. 6. Visualization: Topology View. 7. Statistics: Access Point; Wireless Client Information; Real Time Throughput. 8. Hotspot Service: Captive Portal (NAT / Bridge mode); Guest Account. 9. Maintenance: Bulk Update
Supported Models EWS FIT AP; EWS FIT Switch

Product Dimensions

Width 160.0 mm
Height 80.0 mm
Depth 200.0 mm
Weight 0.5 kg